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In-Market Buyers By Location

Welcome to the world of predictive analytics and behavioral modeling.  Our data tells us who is doing the online behaviors that suggests a buying interest, captured by both Google AdWord behaviors and the behaviors of your recent buyers.  That's right, your buyers were performing online actions before they purchased, leaving a digital footprint.  Our algorithms find people that are doing those same behaviors right now!  And we tell it what markets and zip codes to look in, further dialing in the exact targeting that is likely to deliver the absolute hottest leads.  We can even market directly to that audience, long before your competition even knows who they are. 

Targeted Leads w/ Marketing Funnel Execution

Not sure what to do with all this data?  Need help in getting the most out of these targeted leads?  If you want to market to these warm, in-your-funnel leads as well as those giving off the "buying body-language" but need guidance in creating the process to maximize your efforts, we can help you do that.  We have 30 years of experience in the real estate trenches, managing marketing programs and sales processes that have led to over 11,000 transactions for $5+ billion in sales.  We're not looking to replace your marketing personnel - we want to arm them with these cutting-edge tools so they can save money and help make more sales!

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